Nakane CAPS

The Cycle Analysis Profiling System

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The First Empirically-Based Personality & Behavioral System. Ever.

What is Nakane CAPS?


For thousands of years, mankind has contemplated itself through philosophy, through theology, and through the arts. Yet even with the advent of modern science and psychology, to date, there has never been a valid classification of personality – one that can be empirically proven. That is, until now…

Brennen & Audra Nakane...who are we?

We have both been on a life-long quest of sorts to understand ourselves and those around us on a deeper level. On a more accurate yet creative level. On a more logical #everything-that’s-been-missing-in-humanity-understanding-itself level. Brennen’s former self – an Ivy League philosophical rapper/college football player/self-help aficionado with a Business Economics degree from Brown University. Audra’s former self – a classically trained singer and rebellious, intellectual artist obsessed with the emotion & psychology of film acting…and waxing poetic at California coffee house open mics. The two of us eventually falling in love the way we did and ending up together was sort of a cliché of the modern world. But then things got interesting…