We, Brennen and Audra, have both been on a life-long quest of sorts to understand ourselves and those around us on a deeper level. On a more accurate yet creative level. On a more logical #everything-that’s-been-missing-in-humanity-understanding-itself level. Brennen’s former self – an Ivy League philosophical rapper/college football player/self-help aficionado with a Business Economics degree from Brown University. Audra’s former self – a classically trained singer and rebellious, intellectual artist obsessed with the emotion & psychology of film acting…and waxing poetic at California coffee house open mics. The two of us eventually falling in love the way we did and ending up together was sort of a cliché of the modern world. But then things got interesting.


Believe it or not, our initial discovery on human behavior came about accidentally. At this moment in history when the world needs it most. Hold that thought. We’ll get more into that later. We’ve now spent 12 years researching and further developing the scientific discovery of the Nakane CAPS model. And what began with a few presentations to corporate America has now become something much larger. Something which, once we embraced its full purpose and ability to transform, has so radically changed our lives for the better that our former ones are unrecognizable.


Like you, we have experienced our fair share of the ups and downs, hopes and frustrations, joys and sorrows attached to this thing called… Life. Humanity. Knowledge. Relationships. Society. Career. Parenthood. Politics. Etcetera, Etcetera. It is a tough world we all live in. And just when one area seems to make sense, another falls apart right in front of you. It leaves each one of us feeling vulnerable, confused, or angry about those parts of our life which are beyond our control. We (Brennen and Audra) have been through most of it. As broken or missing puzzle pieces made whole again. As shattered glass turned into stained glass. And this is where we can help.


We are dedicated to sharing how our behavioral findings – and their philosophical implications – continue to impact every aspect of our personal lives (including raising our six kids)! We are currently hard at work creating books, videos, podcasts and training programs in order to share with you not only the system, but also specific steps you can take to change the areas of your life that are suffering – while also recognizing and celebrating the gifts. Brennen and Audra will be taking turns leading, as we each bring something very different to the table. Audra with her poignant storytelling and coaching tips and Brennen with his raw, relevant discussions and technological analogies.

Our six children, aged 5-21, will be involved in some of it as well, as we use their personality profiles to help teach you the basics in an empirically obvious way. Unbelievably, our children have the six different embodied primaries and six different embodied secondaries. So we can SHOW you what an Approval Primary vs. Approval Secondary LOOKS like over time. Right after being born. As a toddler. As a teen. We’ve had our very own organic lab every single day for years. One we want to open up to you.

So, here we are at the end of our introduction. If you join us on this journey, we can equip you with absolutely groundbreaking tools that will show you the world from a different angle. To help you succeed in spite of adversity. To feel less alone. To passionately connect with your spouse. To ethically reach your career goals. To let go of resentment. To experience joy even in the midst of difficulty. To become the person you were intended to be.

We’re glad you found us.