For thousands of years, mankind has contemplated itself through philosophy, through theology, and through the arts. Yet, even with the advent of modern science and psychology, to date, there has never been a valid classification of personality – one that can be empirically proven. That is, until now.


This classification was undiscovered for all this time because theorists missed a key hidden code embedded in all human action. Roughly 50 years ago, researchers discovered the first missing piece of this code – namely, that eye movements correspond to brain processing. Since 1995, Brennen has been actively studying and applying this finding on eye movements to better understand people. But it wasn’t until 2008 that Brennen and Audra together began to unravel the full mapping of expressed motivations.


Our breakthrough came in September 2008, when we uncovered that the eyes primarily moved in pairs and that these paired movements correspond to a person’s motivation at any given moment. This then led to future findings, including the observation that head leans also signal these motivations and that, in general, these motivations combine, cycle and shift in predictable patterns. All this eventually gave way to a foundational framework whereby the entire body, from eye movements and head leans to facial expressions and body movements, are artistically and empirically expressing motivations symbiotically alongside emotions. So, in effect, it signals not just an effect but a catalyst of behavior.


The implications of this discovery, in and of themselves, contain the news story of a lifetime. Though seemingly obscure and esoteric at first, people eventually catch on. And once they do, they never see interactions with others the same way again. All major advancements, for example, the light bulb, the car, the telephone, the computer, the internet, you name it, all seemed unnecessary and/or confusing until a critical mass hit. The same will be for this discovery, and those that don’t understand it will be left behind – like Blockbuster not understanding the internet and Netflix revolution.


In our over 13 years of research & development, we have shared this discovery with thousands of people, taking note of everyone’s questions, joys, concerns, a-ha moments and suggestions. We have found that what people care about first and foremost is the ability to apply this information to their lives in very real ways to overcome the challenging parts and improve with even greater intensity the thriving parts. There is truly no area and no person that will not benefit in a drastic way from understanding – and using – this discovery. From pastors, missionaries and religious, to singles, spouses, and parents. From teachers, lawyers and policemen to artists, athletes and businessmen. Scientists to psychologists. Politicians to citizens. This discovery changes our perspective and hidden biases to focus solely on objective truths and how to live them in the varied yet completely unified paths to which we are called.

As individuals, families, communities and societies we each must play our part, our specific role in the scheme of things. Yet even within our daily lives, we each wear many caps. For example, Brennen. A.K.A. – A husband, a father, co-worker, innovator, IT manager, athlete, philosopher, videographer, musician, coach…the list goes on and on, as it does for every single one of us. We are given different roles that we are expected to adapt to and proficiently carry out. Much of our frustration occurs when we feel comfortable in certain roles to such a larger degree than others – we are great in the boardroom with shareholders, but not in the playroom with the kids. We have patience with our students, but not with our spouse. We can go for days working through equational solutions, but cannot pay the water bill on time. By fully understanding the 7 motivants of Nakane CAPS, we then have greater awareness for the situations when each is appropriate, and physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually take the steps to accomplish it. When we see ourselves as an instrument, we allow ourselves to play beautiful pieces of music, being guided as to which notes should be played at every moment to create glimpses of heaven on earth – through us.

This is the concept behind the Non_Self_Help program we are building. We are taking a discovery that may seem esoteric or confusing at first glance, and simplifying it to the basics, helping you immediately put it into action to better your life. It is not simply a theory, a document full of findings, a philosophy, or an interesting conversation. It is a tool to create goodness in the world. And above all, It is a lens to see yourself and others with compassion and truth in every area of life.